TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
Имя: Tirnaracoons Indigo Blue

:  19.03.2013
:  blue smoke
:  ICW

Mainefield's UnforgettableAmericanbeautys Cherry Lady


РодителиБабушка и дедушкаПра-бабушки и пра-дедушкиПра-пра-бабушки и пра-пра-дедушки
MaleMainefield's Unforgettable
Maine Coon, blue smoke
MaleMainefield's Howling Wolf
Maine Coon, black smoke
MaleSummerplace Avalon
Maine Coon, red smoke
Титул: Ch.
MaleQ's Blue Bear of Magic Love
Maine Coon, blue smoke
FemaleSummerplace Tessa
Maine Coon, black tortie
FemaleGaladriela Silvi-Cola*PL
Maine Coon, black smoke tortie
MaleEscape's Never Ending*FIN
Maine Coon,
Титул: GIC
FemaleChickabee Silvi-Cola*PL
Maine Coon, black smoke with white
FemaleMainefield's Germanie
Maine Coon, fs
Титул: IFCC
MaleLanqstteichs T'EL Corazon
Maine Coon, a
Титул: CFG
FemaleMainefield's Amelie Poulain
Maine Coon, fs23
Титул: IFCC
FemaleAmericanbeautys Cherry Lady
Maine Coon, blue
Титул: TCC
MaleAmericanbeautys Replay
Maine Coon, n2203
Титул: TCC
MaleAmericanbeautys Ninja
Maine Coon, e22
Титул: TCC
FemaleAmericanbeautys Apanachi
Maine Coon, n2203
Титул: TCC
FemaleAmericanbeautys Quintina
Maine Coon, a
Титул: TCC
MaleBigsheridans Blue Ice
Maine Coon, a22
Титул: TCC
FemaleAmericanBeautys Utopia
Maine Coon, brown cl.tabby
MaleAmericanBeautys Brooklyn
Maine Coon,
Титул: Int.Ch.
FemaleSuper-Star's Joanna
Maine Coon, blue cream torbie white