TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»


Имя: Salexcoon Destiny

:  Gr.Int.Ch.

: Lioncoon's Ulrich : Paradise Coon's Celina of Salexcoon


РодителиБабушка и дедушкаПра-бабушки и пра-дедушкиПра-пра-бабушки и пра-пра-дедушки
MaleLioncoon's Ulrich
Maine Coon,
Титул: W.Ch.
MaleSuper-Star's Sandokhan
Maine Coon, n 22
Титул: DGCh. TICA
MaleWillowplace Shakari of Superstars
Maine Coon, brown cl.tabby white
Титул: Euro.Ch./CH
MaleWillowplace Shenandoah
Maine Coon, brown mackerel tabby white
FemaleWillowplace Spellcaster
Maine Coon, brown cl.tabby
FemaleThunderball's Bellis
Maine Coon, a 22
Титул: Int.Ch.
FemaleArctic Coon's Cher
Maine Coon,
Титул: CH TICA
MaleRacoone's Don Juan
Maine Coon, brown cl.tabby
Титул: Gr.Int.Ch.
FemaleArctic Coon's Ibiza Sunrise
Maine Coon, d 22
Титул: Gr.Int.Ch.
FemaleParadise Coon's Celina of Salexcoon
Maine Coon,
MaleLeon Palace of Winds
Maine Coon, ns
Титул: Ch.
MaleLa Mola's Lion
Maine Coon, n 23
Титул: Int.Ch.
FemaleFirst Kiss Feline Spirit's
Maine Coon, as 21
Титул: Ch.
FemaleExplorer's Miss Undercover
Maine Coon,
MaleNantochs Lord Pumbaa
Maine Coon, a
FemaleOl'Shag Mega Kimberly
Maine Coon, fs 03
Титул: Ch.